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Discovering London through my lens

Around London I often go to the same places. I think it is extraordinary how, sometimes, everything seems new to me, different from the last time I saw it. I didn’t start photographing London right away. As soon as I arrived in England I was busy finding work and dealing with bureaucratic matters that could

History Collection 2017
Bruno Caruso Priveé

History Collection 2017 by Bruno Caruso Priveé is a haute couture catwalk from the 2017 created by Bruno Caruso a fashion designer based in Naples.  

Wedding moments

To make a photographs in your Wedding day it is not only about the portraits. Give you a memory of the tiny little details so that you can remember your special day!


Live music, parties, theater, red carpet, sporting events, luxury events: these are only part of the works that we can follow through our lenses to our customers

Street portrait

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By telling stories of people I have improved my empathic abilities that help me every day in my work.


I spent most of my life as photographer in the world of journalism. I had the opportunity to work for some of the most prestigious photo agencies in Italy


The choice of monochrome was dictated by the awareness that the clothes were the real protagonists, alive, made of their own light.

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